Psychology 709 Syllabus

Psychology 709 Syllabus 
Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman

We will meet on various Wednesdays from 4 pm to 6 pm in Wynnewood. You will collectively lead the seminar. Each student will write a short paper for each meeting about your best research thought or questions about the readings and prepare a final portfolio. There are no examinations. 

Date Topic Primary Source (#s refer to chapters)
9/29/99 Introduction  
10/20/99 Well-Being PH 1-5
11/10/99 Traits PH 6-10
12/1/99 Optimism LO 1-5
12/15/99 In the Realms & Changing LO 6-15
1/26/00 Heritability H all
2/9/00 Memes W first half
2/24/00 Genes W second half
3/1/00 Flow F first half
3/28/00 Flow F second half
4/5/00 Emotional Intelligence EI first half
4/22/00 Emotional Intelligence EI second half


Primary Source Reading

The Pursuit of Happiness. (PH)
David G. Myers. Avon (originally Aquarian)

Learned Optimism. (LO)
Martin Seligman. Pocket Books, 1991

Flow (F)
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Harper and Row, 1991

Happiness (H)
David Lykken. Golden Books, 1999

Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Daniel Goleman. Bantam. 1995

NonZero: The Logic of Human Destiny (W)
Robert Wright, Pantheon, Feb. 2000