This page has selected press coverage on Positive Psychology. Clicking on the links will take you to the articles.


Resilience and Well-Being Press:

January 2023, Harvard Business Review, Cultivating Four Kinds of Creativity

January 31, 2023, Harvard Business Review Podcast, A Deeper Understanding of Creativity at Work

May 1, 2023, Happiness Lab podcast with Dr. Laurie Santos, The Man Who Invented Happiness Science: Marty Seligman

February 22, 2023, New York Times, Are You (Still) an Optimist? These Questions Might Help Explain Why

January 5, 2023, Time, How to Manage Catastrophic Thinking

February 25, 2023, Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper, We All Have Thoughts that Spiral Out of Control. This Expert has the Secret to Easing Your Mind

February 2, 2023, Forbes, Stressed by Work? You Can Tap Your Own Resilience

January 9, 2020, Norfolk, VA Local TV, Norfolk Police Department to Implement Mental Wellness Resilience Training for Officers

July 10, 2019, Her Money, How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

April 16, 2018, Live Happy, Building Resilience and Well-Being

July 31, 2017, NPR Radio Forum KQED, Meeting the Challenges of Midlife

February 11, 2016, The New Yorker, How People Learn to Become Resilient

February 22, 2014,, Top 10 Myths about Army Resilience Training

March 22, 2012, New York Times, Post-Traumatic Stress's Surprisingly Positive Flip Side

January 24, 2012,, Study Concludes Master Resilience Training is Effective

January 8, 2012, NPR, Classes Teach Soldiers to be 'Army Strong'

December 28, 2011, CNN, Making Soldiers Fit in Body and Mind

December 13, 2011, PBS NewsHour, Army Program Aims to Build Troops' Mental Resilience to Stress

August 24, 2011, CNN, Steps to Help You Thrive in Hard Times

August 19, 2011, CNN, After Trauma, Teaching Hope

July 4, 2011, Washington Post, Army Program Works to Make Soldiers Fit in Body and Mind

January 9, 2010, The Daily Beast, The War in the Living Room

August 17, 2009, New York Times, Mental Stress Training Is Planned for U.S. Soldiers

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Positive Psychology for Kids: Teaching Resilience with Positive Education


Humanities and Human Flourishing Press:

December 31, 2022, Forbes, Art Museum Visitors Must Experience Positive And Negative Emotions To Work Toward Empathy: Study

June 30, 2022, Hyperallergic, Suffering from Anxiety? Try Visiting a Museum

June 14, 2022, WHYY, Penn researchers find mental health benefits in visiting museums, including reduced anxiety


Primals World Beliefs Press:

March 6, 2023, Hidden Brain podcast, How Your Beliefs Shape Reality

March 1, 2023, Scientific American, Many Differences between Liberals and Conservatives May Boil Down to One Belief

December 22, 2022, Authority Magazine, Happiness and Joy During Turbulent Times: Dr. Jeremy Clifton of the University of Pennsylvania on How to Live with Joie de Vivre, Even When it Feels Like the Whole World Is Pulling You Down


Prospective Psychology Press:

February 21, 2023, Fast Company, How to Get Better at Planning for the Future

December 30, 2022, Well + Good, How to Practice 'Prospection' (aka Future Thinking) to Infuse Life with More Joy and Meaning

May 19, 2017, New York Times, We Aren't Built to Live in the Moment

May 7, 2014, New York Times, What a Great Trip! And I'm Not Even There Yet

October 22, 2014, Brookings, Free Will: The Missing Link Between Character and Opportunity

June 12, 2015, Science Daily, How We See the Future Can Make Us Depressed Today

December 2012, YouTube Video, Professor Martin Seligman on Prospecting the Future


World Well-Being Project Press:

July 5, 2017, Penn News, Penn Interactive Map Shows Community Traits Built from More than 37 Billion Tweets

April 22, 2017, Bustle, What Your Facebook Profile Picture Says About Your Personality

November 16, 2016, TechRepublic, Big data can reveal inaccurate stereotypes on Twitter, according to UPenn study

May 28, 2016, The Washington Post, These are the words most associated with men and women, according to Facebook status updates

March 24, 2016, Penn Current, Penn scholars distinguish presidential candidates by analyzing their words

January 21, 2015, Washington Post, Tweets can better predict heart disease rates than income, smoking and diabetes, study finds

January 20, 2015, WHYY Newsworks Tonight radio interview, Word choice on Twitter measures a community’s vital signs

August 18, 2014, The Atlantic, What an Introvert Sounds Like


Science of Imagination Project Press:

May 25, 2017, National Geographic, What Makes a Genius?

January 19, 2017, New York Magazine, Is the Default Mode of the Brain to Suffer?

September 21, 2016, Physics World, In search of claritons

June 20, 2016, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Imagination Man

May 27, 2016, boingboing, What I learned after spending two days with futurists and positive psychologists

January 21, 2016, Penn Current, Q & A with Scott Barry Kaufman

July 13, 2015, Penn News, Imagination Institute at Penn Awards Nearly $3M to Develop ‘Imagination Quotient’

August 12, 2014, TED, Can Imagination be Measured?


More Press:

January 27, 2020, PennToday, A Look Back into Humanity's Collective History, Through Religious Rituals and Practices

October 2, 2019, Washington Post, Is the World an Exciting or a Terrifying Place? Your Answer Can Powerfully Shape Your Life and Your Political Views, New Research Says

February 8, 2019, Reuters, Optimism May Protect Against Chronic Pain in Soldiers

February 8, 2019 USNews, Upbeat Attitude May Be a Pain Fighter

November 15, 2017, New York Times, How to Be Happy

July 27, 2017, New York Times, Want to Be Happy? Buy More Takeout and Hire a Maid, Study Suggests

January 3, 2017, New York Times, The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking

January 25, 2017, New York Times, Get Up and Move. It May Make You Happier

July 22, 2015, New York Times, How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

September 14, 2011, New York Times Magazine, What if the Secret to Success is Failure?

January 13, 2012, New York Times, Perfectly Happy, Even Without Happy Endings

May 16, 2011, New York Times, A New Gauge to See What’s Beyond Happiness

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Positive Psychology: Power of positive thinking is psychology’s latest focus

May 29, 2009, Times Online (UK), Pupils bounce back with ‘happiness lessons’

May 17, 2008, Sydney Morning Herald, Happy school

May 9, BBC News, Teachers learn to teach toughness

January 7, 2007, New York Times Magazine, Happiness 101

December 17, 2006, U.S. News & World Report, Get Happy, and You'll Live Longer

November 26, 2006, New York Times Magazine, What it Takes to Make a Student (Cover Story)

November 19, 2006, CNN, Special on Happiness:
Happiness at Work
The Truth about Happiness May Surprise You
Happiness: The Elusive Emotion

September 26, 2006, Wall Street Journal, Therapy That Keeps on the Sunny Side of Life: Rising Number of Therapists Focus on the Positive Instead of Bad Parents, Other Demons

April 30, 2006, BBC, The Science of Happiness (Six-Part TV Series on Happiness)

October 2, 2005, The Sunday Times Magazine, So what do you have to do to find happiness?

January 17, 2005, Time Magazine, The Science of Happiness (Cover Story & Special Issue)

December 24, 2002, The Washington Post, The Happy Heretic

September 3, 2001, U.S. News & World Report, Happiness Explained: How to Make Yourself Happy (Cover Story)

More Press Coverage on Positive Psychology

September 10, 2009, Talk of the Nation, Army to Train Soldiers in Emotional Resiliency

September 9, 2009, CBS, How to de-stress for every work situation

September 6, 2009, Annapolis Capital, Achieving happiness: Why happiness at work is important

September 3, 2009, South Manchester Reporter, ‘Happiness’ classes way forward

September 3, 2009,, When work doesn’t make you happy

August 27, 2009, Success Magazine, Take control of your joy

August 26, 2009, PR Newswire, Australia’s contribution to health and ultra-longevity

August 25, 2009, Boston Globe, Happiness: A buyer’s guide

August 24, 2009, Publishers Weekly, Irrational Exuberance

August 24, 2009, BBC News, Health Check

August 24, 2009, Canada Free Press, Gross national misery: Brought to you by the United States Government

August 23, 2009, Pacific Free Press, Breaking human beings (scientifically)

August 22, 2009, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Combating stress is good for your heart and good for your health

August 20, 2009, Fairfield Minuteman, Unlocking gratitude

August 20, 2009, Medical News Today (UK), American soldiers to undergo mental toughness training

August 19, 2009, Babble Australia, Don’t curb their enthusiasm!

August 18, 2009, Media Newswire (press release), Researcher: Business can survive recession by capitalizing on positivity

August 18, 2009, Wall Street Journal Blogs, More training for soldiers, with feeling

August 18, 2009, FoxNews, Army seeks to mentally toughen up combat troops with resiliency classes

August 17, 2009, New York Times, Army will train soldiers to cope with emotions

August 15, 2009, The Guardian (UK), How to feel up in a downturn

August 15, 2009, The Guardian (UK), How to have happy relationships

August 15, 2009, The Guardian (UK), How to be happy in yourself

August 15, 2009, The Guardian (UK), What makes you happy?

August 11, 2009, Huffington Post, Optimism drives Americans toward the horizon

August 10, 2009, New York Times Blogs, Oh, Sting, Where is thy death?

August 9, 2009, Business Management Daily, Finding the silver lining in a recession

August 6, 2009, Daily Pennsylvanian, Psych center to train military personnel

August 6, 2009, USA Today, Happiness: Staying positive in negative territory

August 5, 2009, United States Army (press release), Army developing master resiliency training

August 5, 2009, Economic Times, Keep moving ahead despite anxieties

August 4, 2009, Fitness Business Pro, Army wellness program to be included in basic training

August 3, 2009, ABC Online, ‘Happiness meter’ analyses, blogs, tweets

August 3, 2009,, 6 ways to be happier at work

August 3, 2009, Shields Gazette, Programme helps needy youngsters

August 2, 2009, Seattle Post Intelligencer, The worry cure

August 2, 2009, Winnipeg Free Press, It’s a theory of here and now…. And it ain’t pretty

July 30, 2009, Newswise (press release), Happiness in turbulent times: Father-son team says positive gains can be made in psychological wealth

July 30, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer, Penn center to help Army with stress

July 29, 2009, Los Angeles Times, All right, all right! We’ll try to be happier! Jeesh.

July 28, 2009, Politics Daily, America on the ‘ash heap’: New book says our end is near

July 26, 2009, San Antonio Express, A new take on finding happiness

July 25, 2009, Wall Street Pit, The increasing economic inequality

July 22, 2009, Courier Mail (AU), Boys taught to be sensitive ‘new age’ men,23739,25816755-952,00.html

July 22, 2009, Men’s News Daily, Evil in the name of (drug company) business

July 21, 2009, The Guardian (UK), On the Evolution of God

July 18, 2009, Shanghai Daily, Reaping the bitter harvest of the pursuit of happiness

July 18, 2009, Huffington Post, Is the World Ready for a Positive Psychology?

July 17, 2009, BCLocalNews, We are experts on our own health

July 16, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer, Coalition aiding military children meets in Phila.

July 16, 2009, San Francisco Chronicle, The How of Happiness

July 16, 2009, Management Today (UK), How to make your staff more optimistic

July 15, 2009, Washington Post, GERGEN & VANOUREK: Predicting 'healthy aging'

July 12, 2009, National Post (Canada), How to stay happy during the recession

July 9, 2009, Dallas Observer, Come on, get happy: Trading life in the cubicle for “The Life of Enlightenment”

July 8, 2009, Science Daily (press release), Positive emotions increase life satisfaction by building resilience

July 7, 2009, Charleston Post and Courier, Are you happy?

July 6, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer, Psychology of thriving

July 4, 2009, (press release), Dr. Andrea Goeglein, expert in happiness, to give Keynote Address

July 2, 2009, The Hindu, Researcher in search of ‘happiness gene’

June 29, 2009, Herald Times Reporter, Tips for unleasing your gratitude guru

June 26, 2009, Business Day, It’s time to put your feet up

June 25, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Using Positive Psychology in your relationships

June 25, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Health Buzz: Feds fight Medicare fraud and other health news

June 25, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, In pursuit of a happiness gene

June 25, 2009, MedIndia, Hunting for ‘Happiness Genes’: Research

June 25, 2009, eMediaWire (press release), The problem with strengths-based leader development

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Positive Psychology for Kids: Teaching resilience with positive education

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, How Positive Psychology can increase your happiness

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Positive Emotional Psychology: Have a ‘daily diet’ of positive emotions

June 24, 2009, U.S. News & World Report, Positive Psychology: Power of positive thinking is psychology’s latest focus

June 21, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer, Psychologists converge on Philadelphia to study happiness

June 19, 2009, eMediaWire, Positive music aims to bring hope and build resilience for the children of South Africa

June 18, 2009, eMediaWire, Peak Achievement Training © to introduce new neurovideofeedback

June 18, 2009, PR Newswire (Press Release), First World Congress on Positive Psychology Kicks Off Today With Talks by Two of the World's Most Renowned Psychologists, Martin Seligman and Philip Zimbardo, in Philadelphia, Birthplace of Positive Psychology

June 17, 2009, Chicago Daily Herald, Former Villa Park man publishes book on happiness

June 17, 2009, USA Today, Uplift in good times shows happy couples

June 17, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer, Thinking positive: Psychologists gather in Philly to take stock of our well-being

June 10, 2009, Times of India, Mind set: Of thank you and sorry

June 3, 2009, TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin, What makes us happy?

May 29, 2009, Times Online (UK), Pupils bounce back with ‘happiness lessons’

May 14, 2009, DoD News Release, Tragedy Highlights Need for Mental Health Help, Casey Says

May 9, 2009, BBC News, Teachers learn to teach toughness

May 6, 2009, PR Web (press release), Hummingbird reinvents life coaching with

May 4, 2009, Express Buzz (India), A different FOCUS

May 3, 2009, Washington Post, A positive spin on life

May 1, 2009,, On a small budget, what can we do to ‘wow’ our clients?

April 30, 2009, Children & Young People Now (UK), Resilience programme improves wellbeing of pupils in trial areas

April 29, 2009, Troy Media Corporation, Volunteering is good for your career

April 29, 2009, Daily Times (Pakistan), Comment: Learned Helplessness

April 27, 2009, The Choate News, Harvard’s anchor preaches happiness at Krause lecture

April 25, 2009, The Times (South Africa), Out of adversity…

April 23, 2009, KFSM, 10 secrets to finding happiness during the recession,0,7292262...

April 22, 2009, New York Times Blogs, The ‘Clockwork Orange’ Approach

April 15, 2009, National Post (Canada), The leader’s edge in tough times

April 12, 2009, Times Online (UK), Open mind: gratitude therapy

April 9, 2009, Globe and Mail, Talk into tune

April 8, 2009, Lake County News, Mendocino College professor to speak at national conference

April 8, 2009, Times Online (UK), Estonia’s Bank of Happiness: Trading good deeds

April 1, 2009, Tribune (UK), BOOKS: Look on the bright side

April 1, 2009, Stars and Stripes, Seminar gives professionals tips to help troubled children

March 29, 2009, Globe and Mail (Canada), Should doctors be able to cherry-pick patients?

March 27, 2009, Mormon Times, Happiness is a learned behavior

March 24, 2009, BYU Newsnet, Seligman shares ways to be happy

March 20, 2009, The National (UAE), You’ve got a hold on me

March 17, 2009, Daily Times (Pakistan), GCU to hold conference on ‘Culture and Mental Health’

March 16, 2009, Maktoob Business (Press Release), Scientific insights from Middlesex University Dubai Psychology Conference

March 15, 2009, Macworld Canada, Happiness is a Warm iPhone

March 15, 2009, Huffington Post, Happiness myth no. 10: It’s selfish to try to be happier

March 12, 2009, Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden), Attvara lycklig är en relative känsla

March 12, 2009, Insciences Organisation (Switzerland), New research suggests key to happiness is gratitude and men may be locked out

March 10, 2009, Expansión & Empleo, El coeficiente de optimism

March 10, 2009, Washington Post, The joy of meaning and purpose

March 10, 2009, Daily Telegraph, Fear of job loss sees workers sent to happiness courses,22049,25161139-5006007,00....

March 9, 2009, Response Source (press release), The UK’s first interactive text-based advice service

March 9, 2009, Newswise (press release), Making a new beginning in the face of global recession

March 9, 2009, Huffington Post, Barry Schwartz on incentives, education and making wise choices

March 8, 2009, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Give yourself 10 minutes a day

March 8, 2009, Investment News, Advisers grapple with stress amid downturn

March 5, 2009, The Santa Barbara Independent, Pages and Sages

March 5, 2009, The Australian, Collateral damage in the quest to accentuate the positive

March 4, 2009, Straits Times (Singapore), Recession Hero

March 3, 2009, (press release), Research investigates Kiwi’s wellbeing

March 1, 2009, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Living well: There’s a downside to positive thinking

March 1, 2009, Daily Telegraph (Australia), Serious business of being happy,22049,25119581-5001030,00....

February 28, 2009, The Australian, How to be happy

February 27, 2009, Geelong Advertiser, MP defends ‘leading edge’ happiness seminar at Geelong Grammar

February 26, 2009, The Australian, Happiness classes for teachers are not a waste, says Julia Gillard

February 26, 2009, Economic Times, How positive psychology can boost your business

February 26, 2009, The Australian, And another thing…

February 26, 2009, Sydney Morning Herald, Government spends $1m on happiness workshops

February 26, 2009, The Australian, $1 million junket to keep federal fat cats happy,25197,25107823-5013871,00.html

February 26, 2009, Herald Sun (Australia), Public servants ‘learn to be happy’ – for $650000,21985,25107635-662,00.html

February 25, 2009, The Australian, Government spends $1m on happiness workshops

February 25, 2009, ABC Online (Australia), Govt defends spending on psychology, leadership courses

February 25, 2009, The West Australian, ‘Happiness’ workshops cost govt $1m

February 25, 2009, Geelong Advertiser (Australia), Geelong Grammar in $1m senate happiness bunfight

February 23, 2009, Huffington Post, Changing the brain’s radio station: From suffering to relief

February 24, 2009, Nanaimo Daily News, In times of disaster we must be ready to look after ourselves

February 22, 2009, The Hindu, Perceptions of failure

February 22, 2009, Diario Vasco, Adiestrarse para ser feliz

February 20, 2009, The Complete Lawyer, Learn happiness strategies and become happier

February 20, 2009, New Statesman (UK), Assisted death 2

February 19, 2009, Penn Current, Penn opens up

February 17, 2009, Delaware County Daily Times, ‘Positive psychology’ has negative results

February 16, 2009, University of Pennsylvania Press Release, World Health Organization chair to deliver inaugural address at Positive Health lecture series

February 16, 2009, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association launches campaign to help lawyers battle depression

February 16, 2009, Business to Business (New Zealand), Ten questions in ten minutes

February 16, 2009, The Age, Mind the children

February 12, 2009, AsiaOne, When times are bad it’s time to be better

February 12, 2009, South Coast Today, LaRoche prescribes laughter for these trying times

February 11, 2009, Providence Journal, Restoration of consumer confidence a necessary ingredient for recovery

February 10, 2009, Customer Think, Customer experience, emotions and the recession

February 10, 2009, Daily Pennsylvanian, Psych students sample Naked Chocolate

February 9, 2009, WFIE-TV, Experiences bring more joy than possessions do

February 8, 2009, Bellingham Herald, Junior achievement finds students ready to learn economic lessons

February 6, 2009, Houston Chronicle, C’mon, get happy

February 5, 2009, Huffington Post, Citizen confidence: are American’s having “honeymoon blues”?

February 5, 2009,, Charlotte hosts happiness professor Tal Ben-Shahar

February 2, 2009,, What do you mean, be happy?

February 2, 2009, AsiaOne (Singapore), Joy to you and me

February 1, 2009, Deseret News, The pursuit of happiness,5143,705281973,00.html

February 2009, American Journal of Psychiatry, Spiritual evolution: A scientific defense of faith

January 29, 2009, Huffington Post, Positive Psychology: Hard core ‘happiness’ nerds – and Goldie Hawn

January 28, 2009, Washington Post, Latch on to the affirmative

January 25, 2009, Annapolis Capital, Achieving Happiness: Being happy up to you

January 25, 2009, Herald Sun (Australia), We pay for a ‘love-in’,21985,24957653-662,00.html

January 23, 2009, New York Magazine, Yes, we (possibly) can!

January 23, 2009, Scotsman, Optimism: Where did it go and can we get it back?

January 22, 2009, Chicago Tribune, Suddenly, an ‘up’ attitude could be downright cool

January 21, 2009, Times Online, Obama may be the ‘no we can’t’ President

January 21, 2009, Economic Times, Confront negative feelings head-on

January 19, 2009, New Zealand Herald, Students download the recipe of happiness

January 18, 2009, The Sunday Times, The Optimist: One man’s Search for the Brighter Side of Life by Laurence Shorter (book review)

January 18, 2009, Annapolis Capital, Achieving happiness: When the going gets tough, the tough get help

January 16, 2009, The Times- Picayune, Making a life list and checking it twice

January 12, 2009, Rocky Mountain News, What price happiness?

January 5, 2009, The Korea Times, ‘Be thankful to be happy’

January 5, 2009, North Star Writers Group, Three questions to get your children really talking

January 5, 2009, Media Newswire (press release), A view on healthy development

January 4, 2009, The Hindu, Through the lens of gratitude

January 3, 2009, Times Online (UK), How to be an optimist

January 3, 2009, Times Online (UK), How to think yourself successful

January 2, 2009, Livemint (India), The science of euphoria

December 31, 2008, Portsmouth Herald News, Creating new habits for the upcoming year

December 30, 2008, PR Newswire (press release), Focus your New Year’s Resolutions on the little things that make you happier

December 28, 2008, El Pais (Spain), La ciencia descubre las claves de la felicidad

December 28, 2008, Annapolis Capital, Achieving happiness: How to survive the painful times of your life

December 27, 2008, Chandigarh Newsline, Psychology professor selected for international project

December 27, 2008, The Daily Sound, The science of happiness

December 26, 2008, Bisnis Indonesia, How far can you go?

December 16, 2008, Huffington Post, 10 Things science says will make you happy

December 16, 2008, New Zealand Herald, Arun Abey: When giving is the best way to get

December 16, 2008, Aberdeen Press and Journal, Relentless pursuit of happiness should ring alarm bells for all

December 11, 2008, Toronto Star, Feel uplifted? There’s a good reason

December 11, 2008,, Science news straight from the source

December 5, 2008, The Week Magazine, Holding on to happiness in hard times

December 4, 2008, Boston Globe, Happiness has its own network

December 3, 2008, Media Newswire (press release), Tuck’s women in Business club and McKinsey focus on creating women leaders

December 2, 2008,, Old and happy? It’s a matter of attitude

November 30, 2008, Irish Independent, Keane on charge

November 28, 2008, United States Army (press release), Warrior Care: Army chief partners with civilian medical community

November 27, 2008, San Francisco Bay Times, The Science of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2008, Men’s News Daily, I’m Positive About Parenting

November 26, 2008, New York Times, Even if You Can’t Buy It, Happiness is Big Business

November 22, 2008, The Australian, How positive thinking can turn a dollar

November 22, 2008, New Zealand Herald, Lady in charge? Join the club

November 20, 2008,, Taming the black dog

November 20, 2008, Kennebec Journal, Wealth redistribution seems a pretty good idea

November 19, 2008, PR Web (press release), Harvard Happiness Professor, Tal Ben-Shahar, Launches ‘Positive Psychology in Difficult Times’

November 19, 2008, PR Web (press release), New Poll Reveals Teens Lack Positive Role Models

November 16, 2008, Huffington Post, Keep Stoking the Positivity

November 16, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle, Happiness and Its Causes conference

November 15, 2008, San Angelo Standard Times, True grit distinguishes military

November 14, 2008, Daily Pennsylvanian, Group gets active about mental health

November 14, 2008, The Phoenix, One Day you’ll learn

November 10, 2008, Writers Group, Revenge Does Not Pay

November 7, 2008,, The knowing/doing gap

November 6, 2008, University of Pennsylvania Press Release, Role of Optimism in Obama’s Election

November 6, 2008, Washington University Record, Understanding People

November 5, 2008, Huffington Post, It’s a Mental Game

November 5, 2008, Cambridge Evening News, Midlife Crisis? What Crisis?

November 2, 2008, Give in to temptation and fail in life

November 1, 2008, Psychology Today, Confessions of a late-bloomer

November 3, 2008, The Australian, Research to reveal roots of temptation

November 3, 2008, The Gazette (Montreal), In the search for happiness the plot often thickens

November 2, 2008, New Zealand Herald, How to be happy

November/December 2008, Psychology Today, The Art of Now - Six Ways to Live in the Moment

October 27, 2008, North Star Writers Group, How to Take the Power Away from Bad Memories

October 26, 2008, Annapolis Capital, Achieving Happiness: Stop comparing yourself to others

October 26, 2008, Huffington Post, Presidential Depression: Dealing With Post-Election Blues

October 24, 2008, Exchange Morning Post, Creativity Fulfillment and Flow

October 23, 2008, Herald Sun (Australia), Civilising kids a bigger picture,21985,24537850-5000117,00.html

October 22, 2008, New York Times, Big ideas, and where they come from

October 21, 2008, Irish Times, Happiness is an instant to catch

October 20, 2008, American Chronicle, What videos are you playing in your mind?

October 20, (Austria), Colleen Cook to speak at The World Congress on Obesity in Washington, D.C.

October 18, 2008, Tehran Times (Iran), Can too much self-esteem be bad for your child?

October 18, 2008, The Economic Times (India), Too positive for one’s own good?

October 14, 2008,, One day university

October 11, 2008, Toronto Star, Research shows gratitude a positive force

October 10, 2008,, Happiness at work- the top 3 issues

October 7, 2008, Washington News Journal (OH), Hospice of Dayton to host Dr. Joan Borysenko

October 5, 2008, Chicago Tribune, Experts try to unlock mysteries of happiness

October 4, 2008, Irish Times, Trying to raise awareness of mental health problems

October 3, 2008, Forbes, Centered leadership: How talented women thrive

October 3, 2008, Tufts Daily, ‘Free Hugs’ campaign underscores importance of social connectedness on the Hill

October 1, 2008, Market Watch, Gordian Health Solutions, Hummingbird Coaching Services Announce Partnership to Provide Online Personal Health Coaching

September 30, 2008, The Telegraph (UK), “Happiness” lessons to be given to schoolchildren

September 29, 2008, Shields Gazette, School always looks on the bright side of life

September 28, 2008, The Washington Times, Positive candidate likely to win race

September 23, 2008, The Manhattan Mercury, KSU to hear from 'positive' psychologist

September 22, 2008, North Star Writers Group, Your Success Mission, Part I: We All Need Help

September 16, 2008, Palo Alto Daily News, Finding out what makes life worth living

September 16, 2008, Globe and Mail (Canada), I grew up in a happy, normal family

September 13, 2008, The Guardian (UK), Smarting can make you smarter

September 12, 2008, Indiana Statesman, California professor tells ICU that lives can change with gratitude journal

September 11, Shields Gazette (UK), Classes to make our kids happy!

September 10, 2008, The Guardian (UK), Call for happiness lessons as teenage depression increases

September 9, 2008, Terre Haute Tribune Star, Program brings visiting scholar to ICU for lectures

September 8, 2008, Daily Mail (UK), The ‘How to be Happy’ classes coming to a school near you

September 8, 2008, Los Angeles Times, The science of happiness,0,3855201....

September 7, 2008, The Sunday Times (London), Pupils taught how to be happy

September 7, 2008, The Sunday Times (London), Aunt Sally: I can’t stand my mother

September 6, 2008, The Australian, Athlete Andrew May leads corporate race

August 28, Har’retz (Israel), Positive Psychology

August 28, 2008,, Be rich and happy!

August 24, 2008, Abilene Reporter-News, Passing on tidbits often hurts--but it doesn’t have to

August 24, 2008, Pensacola News Journal, Women’s day: Solve the happiness equation

August 20, 2008, Business Week, They teach happiness at Harvard

August 19, 2008, Arizona Republic, Studies show aging makes you happier

August 19, 2008, Wall Street Journal Blogs, The key to happiness: Money, family, or positive thinking?

August 18, 2008, The Age (Australia), A positive attitude can help ease the most difficult of times

August 18, 2008, North Star Writers Group, Find your voice by tapping your strengths

August 17, 2008, Taindian News (Thailand), Study casts light on the psychology behind pupils that don’t cheat

August 13, 2008, Scoop (New Zealand), Humor and Positive Psychology shift negativity

August 12, 2008, The Age (Australia), Cracking up with a crack at the top job

August 12, 2008, PNW Local News, Cultivating happiness in everyday life

August 9, 2008, Geelong Advertiser, Positive Psychology talks in Geelong

August 8, 2008, Huffington Post, Want to be happy, dammit?

August 7, 2008, Daily Pennsylvanian, Data opens countless goals

August 6, 2008, Allied News, ‘Positive Psychology’ key to happiness, health

August 6, 2008, Huffington Post, 9 ways to be happy in a high-stress world

August 6, 2008, Market Watch, Fighting trauma and depression in the face of terrorism and war

August 2, 2008, Terre Haute Tribune-Star, In tough times like these, what kinds of people hold up best?

August 1, 2008, Philadelphia Inquirer, It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel frazzled)

August 2008, Reader’s Digest, The Mandolin Player

August 2008, Vision Insights and New Horizons, Building resilience in a turbulent world

July 31, 2008, Prince George Citizen, Training your child to look at the sunny side of life

July, 2008, Philosophy Now, Happiness, virtue and tyranny

July 27, 2008, Philadelphia Inquirer, ‘New Happiness’ returns to the basics

July 26, 2008, Khaleej Times (UAE), In pursuit of happiness

July 26, 2008, National Post (Canada), Facing the inevitable

July 22, 2008, Birmingham Mail (UK), School became a place to learn not somewhere to mess about

July 22, 2008, Christian Science Monitor, Why your happiness matters to the planet

July 22,2008, Exchange Morning Post, Martin Seligman: Why is psychology good?

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