Resilience Services

The Penn Resilience Program and PERMA™ Workshops have been demonstrated to build resilience, well-being, and performance. These strengths-based prevention programs equip individuals with practical skills that strengthen one’s ability to bounce back from adversity and to grow and thrive in their professional and personal life.

Penn has experience infusing resilience throughout many levels of an organization. Programs can be delivered to a wide variety of audiences and our instructors can deliver programs anywhere around the globe.

Penn offers a wide array of resilience and well-being services that are customized to fit the needs, goals, and culture of your organization, including:

  • Brief presentations and workshops for different parts of your organization, including management, employees, and selected departments (1 hour to 1 day)
  • Brief executive courses to build awareness, buy-in, and support among leadership (1 hour to 1 day)
  • Professional development programs for more in-depth immersion learning, in which participants learn how to apply the resilience and well-being skills in their personal and professional lives, up to about 200 people per group (1 to 5 days)
  • Train-the-trainer programs, in which participants learn how to use the resilience and well-being skills and how to teach the skills to others to build your internal training capabilities, up to about 200 people per group (up to 8 days)
  • Ongoing support and supervision of your trainers as they teach the resilience modules
  • Strategic planning on implementation
  • Ongoing curriculum customization and upgrades
  • Online and distance learning, e.g., recorded webcasts, live webinars, asynchronous online courses
  • Ongoing consultation, as needed

Train-the-Trainer Model
. Penn has a proven train-the-trainer model, in which we train people how to teach the resilience skills to others. We have effectively trained more than 60,000 trainers who have diverse educational and subject matter backgrounds. These trainers have gone on to teach the resilience skills to more than a million people, including health care professionals, school students, U.S. Army personnel, U.S. law enforcement personnel, among others. This train-the-trainer model is scalable and sustainable - each trainer Penn trains can teach the resilience skills to hundreds if not thousands of people over time.