Conference Archives

Following is an archive of Positive Psychology conferences that might be useful for researchers and those interested in the early development of Positive Psychology.

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Akumal Conferences: Initial Planning Meetings to Create Positive Psychology
European Conference on Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology Summit

First Positive Psychology Summit 1999, Lincoln, NE (September 1999)

Second Positive Psychology Summit 2000, Washington, DC (October 2000)

Third Positive Psychology Summit 2001, Washington, DC (October 2001)

Positive Psychology Summer Institute
Other Positive Psychology Conferences and Meetings
Alternatives to Materialism Meetings 2000
Cayman Taxonomy Meeting 1999
Civic Engagement Conference 2000
Ethnopolitical Conflict Conference 1998, Northern Ireland
Glasbern Taxonomy Meeting 2000
Humane Leadership Conference 2000
Philosophical History of Strengths and Virtues 2004
Teaching Task Force 2000
VIA Intervention Conference 2000