Resilience Skill Set

The full Penn Resilience Program includes a set of 21 empirically validated skills that build cognitive and emotional fitness, strength of character, and strong relationships. The skills included in each program vary based on the needs of the client and length of the program. Each skill targets one or more of the following resilience competencies. 


Program Teaching Methods:

This highly experiential program includes a variety of practical learning methodologies. Participants have extensive opportunities to “learn by doing,” where they practice the resilience skills and receive feedback from instructors.

  • Programs include large group presentations and breakout sessions. In the large group presentations, the instructor introduces each resilience skill via lectures, group discussions, demonstrations of the skill, videos, and Q&A.
  • In breakout sessions, participants have opportunities to practice using the skills through practical exercises (and practice teaching the skills in the train-the-trainer programs), and receive personalized feedback from instructors.
  • Individual, partner, and group exercises facilitate skill mastery by enabling participants to practice the resilience skills and identify strategies for immediate application in their personal and professional lives.
  • Penn has a proven train-the-trainer model, in which we train people how to teach the resilience skills to others. We have effectively trained more than 60,000 trainers who have diverse educational and subject matter backgrounds. Trainers we have trained have gone on to teach the resilience skills to more than one million people around the world.
  • This train-the-trainer model is scalable and sustainable - each trainer we train can teach the resilience skills to hundreds if not thousands of people over time.