Resilience Skill Set

The Penn Resilience Program includes up to 12 empirically validated skills that build cognitive and emotional well-being, strong relationships, and signature strengths. Each skill targets one or more of the following resilience competencies. 


Program Teaching Methods:

This experiential and interactive program includes a variety of hands-on learning opportunities:

  • Program instructors introduce the resilience and well-being skills, including the scientific background, why it matters, and how to use the skill.
  • Program instructors demonstrate and role-play the skills, and lead discussions.
  • Participants have opportunities to practice the skills and practice teaching the skills in the train-the-trainer program, and receive personalized feedback and coaching from instructors.
  • Participants have opportunities to support and build relationships with others in the program.
  • Penn has a proven train-the-trainer model, in which we train people how to teach the resilience skills. We have effectively trained more than 60,000 people with diverse educational backgrounds. Trainers we have trained have gone on to teach the resilience skills to more than a million people.
  • The train-the-trainer program is scalable and sustainable - each trainer we train can teach the resilience skills to hundreds if not thousands of people over time.