Coronavirus Pandemic Resources

This page includes selected resources for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you find these useful. This page includes:

  • Wellness Tools
  • Working from Home
  • COVID-19 Guidance from Public Health Organizations
  • COVID-19 Statistics
  • Learn about Pneumonia
  • COVID-19 Opinion and Analysis
  • Musical Inspiration

Disclaimer: The inclusion of non-UPenn resources on this page does not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by the University of Pennsylvania or its employees.


Video: Online Course: Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills with Dr. Karen Reivich

Video: Online Course: Positive Psychology: Martin E.P. Seligman's Visionary Science

Video: Online Course: Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions with Dr. James Pawelski

Video: Free Online Course: The Science of Well-Being with Dr. Laurie Santos

Podcast: The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Podcast: Work Life with Adam Grant

Podcast: The Science of Happiness with Dr. Dacher Keltner

Podcast: Unlocking Us with Dr. Brené Brown

Podcast: Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Video: Online Course: Positive Psychology with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson

Video: Free Online Yoga Classes: Yoga with Adriene

New York Times: A Meditation in Ten Steps: This is an exercise to help your body release the stress of constantly bracing for a disaster.

Wall Street Journal: For Better Health During the Pandemic, Is Two Hours Outdoors the New 10,000 Steps?


Video: How to Look Good on Video Calls

Harvard Business Review: How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

New York Times: There’s a reason video apps make you feel awkward and unfulfilled

New York Times: How to Prevent ‘Zoombombing’ in a Few Easy Steps: There are a few things you can do to make your video conferences more secure.

New York Times: The Pandemic of Work-From-Home Injuries: Chiropractors report a surge in problems as millions of workers have spent months clacking away on sofas and beds and awkward kitchen counters.

New York Times: Dentists Are Seeing an Epidemic of Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Mayo Clinic

Harvard Medical School Resource Center


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)


Our World in Data


American Lung Association: Learn about Pneumonia

New York Times Article: Why Days 5 to 10 Are So Important When You Have Coronavirus: Tracking your daily symptoms can help you and your doctors make better decisions about whether a hospital visit is needed.

New York Times Article: What’s a Pulse Oximeter, and Do I Really Need One at Home? A tiny fingertip device can give you valuable information about your health during a bout of COVID-19 or any respiratory illness.


Erin Bromage Blog: The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them

New York Times Article: These Coronavirus Exposures Might Be the Most Dangerous: As with any other poison, viruses are usually deadlier in larger amounts.

New York Times Article: It's Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It's How Much. The pathogen is proving a familiar adage: The dose makes the poison.

New York Times Article: Even Asymptomatic People Carry the Coronavirus in High Amounts. Researchers in South Korea found that roughly 30 percent of those infected never develop symptoms yet probably spread the virus.

CNN Podcast with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

New York Times: A User’s Guide to Face Masks: By now you’ve figured out that wearing a mask is not as simple as all those TV doctors made it look. Here’s our guide to the wear and care of your new mask.

Bill Gates Website: GatesNotes

Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post: The real scandal isn’t what China did to us. It’s what we did to ourselves. Climate change and the destruction of animal habitats likely played roles in the current health crisis.


Music Video: Boston Pops and John Williams Salute Essential Workers with Fanfare: Nearly 80 musicians performed "Summon the Heroes," a Williams composition from the 1996 Olympics.

Music Video: Nessun Dorma, alla Corona, with Daniel Emmet